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November 27, 2018

15th November 2018 was a special day to remember!

“It’s not because I wrote a book. It’s because it’s time to celebrate: the impossible is possible!” Our founder, Sophia Wu, started the evening with an inspiring speech talking about the backstory about the book, why she wrote it and what the book is about. 

Sophia Wu, originally came from China, has been living in the UK for 18 years. She studied business in the university but discovered her true passion after life-changing experiences and struggles. Through years of exploring personal style and also an eagerness to find happiness, she has discovered that what transforms one’s appearance can transform one’s life too.  

Sophia said, “Style is not just about looking good on the outside; it’s not wearing an expensive logo; it’s not reserved for celebrities; it’s also not led by fashion icons. What a person looks like on the outside reflects what’s inside. Style is not just about appearance, it has spirit. The spirit drives what you wear on the outside. Style is the 'one', the unity of the outside and the inside.

She continued, “The secret to creating one’s own style is summed up in just two words—BE YOU! Yes, be you, be yourself. We all look different, come from different backgrounds and have different experiences—we are already unique. There is no other person like you, even if you are twins. If you can embrace your difference and express it, that is your style. Nobody can copy and take it away from you.

And the good news is you don’t need to look elsewhere. It’s all within you. What you need to do is look inward, ignore all the noises around you and forget all the judgements, and have the Confidence, Courage, and Creativity to be yourself and express yourself. If you can do that, you can create your own style, and your style is not just unique but remarkable!

If you can put the same spirit of Confidence, Courage and Creativity in whatever you love to do, you can also create your life, a life of passion and freedom! Discover your style and life by discovering yourself.”

This book is a discovery of style but also life. Lastly, Sophia said, “Life is like a show. Wherever you are, that is your stage. With your Confidence, Courage and Creativity, you can play any role you dream of. I wish you to be a Remarkable Man and a Remarkable Woman. Remember, you deserve to be remarkable, and you are the one who is capable of being so!”

Sophia acknowledged that the book was not solely the product of her own efforts. This brilliantly illustrated book is a result of the collective synergy. She worked with many amazing and talented people, including the photographers, models, illustrators, editors and graphic designer to complete the book together. Sophia expressed her earnest appreciation to each of them individually at the book launch.

Sophia also gave her big thanks to the venue sponsor, a stunning private members' club in central London, the Library, and also the Martini cocktail drinks sponsor, JoBlackCraze, for their great support and cooperation.

The book launch was a great success. It was an evening of style, celebration, joy and inspiration!   




Thank you for reading. If you would like to find out more about Sophia’s book. Please visit It is now available at the special launch offer.  

Be Confident, Be Bold, Be Unique, Be YOU!


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