Our new socks collection was created to reflect the philosophy of ‘BALANCE’. The collection consists of two styles: Balance Patterns, and Balance Plain. The Balance Patterns style features a sophisticated combination of polka dots, stripes, plain, and paisleys. The diverse and harmoniously arranged patterns create a balance that is aesthetically pleasing and enticing. Every pair applies a neutral colour such as blue, navy, black and grey as the base colour, and highlights the patterns in bright colours to create a balance, appearing graceful yet striking.


The Balance Plain style features plain coloured socks with a contrasting coloured toe and heel. This contrasting twist on the plain socks creates a balance, looking stunning yet elegant. 


The BALANCE collection is the perfect way to make a style statement at any occasion.


Every yarn and material we use is of superior quality. The socks are made in Great Britain at a factory with a more than 100-year heritage which holds a Royal Warrant from Prince Charles. We are proud that every pair of socks is unrivalled in comfort, quality and style.