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Be A Remarkable Man – The Essence of True Style

This newly released book is written by Sophia Wu, Style Consultant, Designer and the Founder of YHIM. In this book, Sophia shares her discoveries and realisations that help to transform personal style. This is not a book just about looking good. It defines the spirit of style. It is about turning your personal style into power to achieve what you love in life.

Sophia Wu comes originally from China and has been living in the UK for 19 years. She studied business at university but discovered her true passion after a series of life-changing experiences and struggles. Out of years of exploring personal style and also an eagerness to find happiness, she has discovered that what transforms one’s appearance can also transform one’s life. This fascinating little book instilled with wisdom may inspire you to pursue what you love in life, harnessing your personal power.  


Book Review: 

“I love this book: its compact size, the look and feel of its pages, its clear and easy to read format, the photos, the quotes, and, of course, its rich range of inspiring ideas for helping men move through the sometimes-confusing fashion industry and the range of traditional fashion "rules" (which have been available to the more privileged in general) in order to cultivate an individual sense of style. Although aimed at men, the book’s concepts easily apply to all. By helping the reader understand how the outer self reflects the inner self and vice versa, readers find a wealth of ideas for developing confidence in finding one’s own creative flair in the world. Sophia’s enthusiasm shines from the pages of this book as it does in person. She is stylist and an entrepreneur to watch, one whose passion is infectious, fun and inspiring. “

Dr. Andrea Witzke Slot

Poet, Fiction Writer & Essayist 



“Sophia Wu’s book is deep yet delightful. With an extraordinary lightness of touch, she leads us to share her vision of the profound connection between style and substance, between outer and inner, between expression and essence.

As someone who has always tended to see fashion as superficial and personal style as pretentious (even bordering on the effeminate), it was challenging and liberating to read that confidence, courage and creativity are the wellsprings of true masculine style, which expresses the soul of the life-artist, whether at work or at play.

The close connections Wu sees between outer and inner, cover and content, body and soul, reflect her Eastern understanding of the balance and connection between Yin and Yang.

This engaging, brilliantly illustrated little work packs such a punch in terms of wisdom that it may well change your life. It has certainly liberated me.”

Dr. David Young

Philosopher, Businessman & Life-Surfer




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