About Us

YHIM is a London based menswear brand that currently specialises in unique and luxury men’s accessories.


YHIM – Pronounced, WHY HIM?

He is confident, bold and unique. Thus, he is remarkable.

YHIM was created to inspire people to Be Confident, Be Bold, Be Unique, Be YOU!


We are all born unique so why to fit in! Life is too short to live by others’ expectations. Listen to your heart and do what you love. When you stay true to yourself, you will gain the inner peace, passion and freedom. YHIM represents a remarkable man with Confidence, Courage and Creativity. He is not scared of other people’s judgements. He has the confidence to express and celebrate his unique self.



(Sophia Wu - Founder of YHIM) 


YHIM is the creative brand of Sophia Wu. Sophia has been living in the UK for over 18 years. After her obtaining a Master’s degree in International Business Administration, she started working in business development. However, her life has changed dramatically after she discovered what she really loved to do. Growing up in a traditional Chinese family with the influence of Western culture and studies, Sophia began to explore her own life. She believes everyone is unique, and that it’s one’s own responsibility to pursue and protect one’s uniqueness. YHIM was built after Sophia discovered her passion. She listened to her inner voice and is now following her heart. Through a high quality product, YHIM conveys Sophia’s vision: “Be Confident, Be Bold, Be Unique, Be YOU!”