About Us

YHIM is a London based menswear brand that specialises in unique and luxury pocket squares. These versatile squares are designed for our customers to reflect and celebrate who they truly are.


In YHIM, Y stands for WHY. This WHY defines everything we do and gives us direction. For YHIM, having a sense of purpose is the starting point of any accomplishment. Knowing the purpose and fulfilling it, even if only gradually, is far more important than heading somewhere fast but aimlessly. YHIM aims to evoke the awareness of WHY, and caters to those who are not afraid to take risks and following their own path.


We believe 3 important C’s, Confidence, Courage and Creativity can endeavour to help those who are looking to achieve their WHY. YHIM empowers people with these 3C’s, inspiring the wearer to follow their bold and unique calling with confidence.


Be Confident, Be Bold, Be Unique, Be YOU!      - YHIM




A true sense of style is one that is a reflection of the look and substance, displayed through details. YHIM has reinvented pocket square and provides the wearer a perfect accessory to express and shine in his unique way. Pairing innovative design with luxurious materials, YHIM enables the wearer to make a profound style statement without ever sacrificing quality.





(Sophia Wu - Founder of YHIM) 


YHIM is the creative brand of Sophia Wu. After graduating with a master’s degree in International Business Administration, her WHY was formed through further studies at Central Saint Martins and London College of Fashion, where a passion for fashion was realised.


Sophia channelled this hunger for design through gaining extensive work experience within the menswear industry, including working for the renowned luxury designer, Burberry.


Born in China, the founder now calls London her home, embracing and appreciating the culture of both the east and the west. When navigating through the challenges faced when leaving a home country to reside in foreign lands, Sophia used the power of confidence, courage and creativity to succeed.


Now, Sophia combines a passion with business skills to create YHIM, through which to inspire and empower people with 3C's to achieve their WHY.